Gloriamundi assists small humanitarian organisations around the world by donating and designing promotional material. These include brochures, logos, photo shots, documentary films and websites.

Since 2010, I have realised several assignments for three different partners of the Gloriamundi foundation in the Democratic Republic of the Congo: ADCO (Aide aux Démunis du Congo), KAF (Katalico Action for Africa), the AFPDE (Association des Femmes pour la Promotion et le Développement Endogène), and AJDC (Association des Jeunes pour le Développement Communautaire).

The work realized for the AFPDE was realised in partnership with the creative agency GVA Studio, and was awarded the «Getty Images Creative Grant» in 2011.

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AFPDE communication tools :                                                                    

See KAF-Africa website:                                       See REEJER website :                                           See AJDC website :

See AFPDE website
ADCO leaflet:                                                                     Fondation_Gloriamundi_files/ADCO_depliant_web_1.pdf
KAF-Africa leaflet:                                                                     Fondation_Gloriamundi_files/KAF_Broschure_2.pdf
REEJER leaflet:                                                                     Fondation_Gloriamundi_files/depliant%20rejeer-5_1.pdf
AFPDE leaflet:                                                                     Fondation_Gloriamundi_files/ADCO_depliant_web_3.pdf